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    Quote Originally Posted by Gr1mfire View Post
    Hey friends, I'm Grim, and I am new to this whole thing. I heard of the forums through a reddit post I was on and really liked what I saw.

    I grew up around firearms, but mostly shot airsoft and air rifles. Last year, I got the chance to shoot a few real guns and I fell in love. I planned to buy myself a Ruger SR22P, mostly because it was inexpensive and would allow me to shoot at my local range whenever I wanted, instead of dragging someone with me every time. I ended up getting my LTCF, but then I went and bought myself a 10/22 and have been shooting just about any chance I get. I also found out my dad has 2 old Marlins waiting to be cleaned up and taken out when I get the chance. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or the money for anything higher quality/caliber/precision right now, but I do love plinking with the rifle for the time being. I live in Montgomery County, just off the turnpike around Fort Washington.

    I've got my eye on a few things for my next purchase. I want to keep it to rimfire for now mostly for price and availability, and the fact that getting past 100 yards right now is nigh impossible for a lot of reasons. So I'm sort of between a whole bunch of things, namely a 22/45 Lite or a S&W Victory (can't decide...), a Ruger SR22P (strictly for plinking, I hear it's not great for anything else), and I sort of want an M&P Sport in .22, is that stupid? I just love the AR platform, but I can't really justify anything in 5.56, but I'm still a noob so maybe that will change.

    Anyway, I wanted to drop in and just do a little intro. I find that I'm completely infatuated with the world of firearms, and unfortunately have no one in my life that shares that interest with me. Hope to talk to all of you a bit more in the future!
    Welcome to the forum. Find a shooting buddy right away. It will help you increase your shooting options with little expense. It will also keep you into it, sometimes it can get boring shooting alone.
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    Default Re: If you've signed up, say hi here.

    Welcome Gr1mfire. Go to the below link to find others near you that share your newfound infatuation. If you've caught the gun bug, and it sounds like you have, there will always be more to buy. Take your time, buy wisely, and someday you'll have a collection so large that will be looking to buy another safe. It's a dangerous hobby and not for the reasons anti-gunners think.
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