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    Default Anyone know a place to hunt Groundhogs in Berks?

    Looking to get into hunting groundhogs in Berks county. Anyone know a place where I can do this or farms that are hunter friendly? Also can anyone tell me if Berks restricts to Rimfire or can Centerfire rifles be used? thanks in advance for any information

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    Default Re: Anyone know a place to hunt Groundhogs in Berks?

    I'm in, where? ;-)
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    Default Re: Anyone know a place to hunt Groundhogs in Berks?

    Berks is still centerfire rifle friendly.

    You just need to be aware of where you are shooting.

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    Default Re: Anyone know a place to hunt Groundhogs in Berks?

    About 15 years ago I wanted to do the same thing.... I found luck calling Christmas tree farms... the first one I called let me in. They actually let me archery hunt there too then. Best spot I ever had. They sold like 5 years ago to a family who hunts there themselves and didn't want to talk about letting me hunt there. I'd call some farms up
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