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    Default Ruger LC9S Gold cerekote slide

    I just ordered a Ruger LC9S pro with the shimmering gold cerekote (more like a silver gold or glock nibx color), not a big fan of rugers blueing it seems to wear easily, so i was just wondering if anyone has one with the cerekote finish and how they like it? How well will the cerekote hold up compared to the blue, is it better or worse than stainless for corrosion resistance? Any input on cerekote welcome, not just on the lc9s.

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    Default Re: Ruger LC9S Gold cerekote slide

    Cerakote has VERY GOOD corrosion resistance and will wear very well. The parent company of Cerakote is a world leader in metal coatings. If you go to the Cerakote website you can read the tests that they have done and how well Cerakote stands up to corrosion compared to other gun materials and coatings.

    I have been Cerakoting firearms in my gunsmithing business for about 8 years now and I won't use anything else. I have done EDC guns and five years later they still look like new. I don't think you will be disappointed with your LCPS Pro that has been Cerakoted. In fact IIRC if you see a firearm that is a different color (other than blue or an AR or other aluminum gun parts - they can be anodized different colors now) it is Cerakote. More firearm manufacturers use Cerakote than anything else.
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