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    Default Colette Gravity Pistol - Rocket ball.

    Colette was a Belgian gun manufacturer that made this interesting parlor pistol. It used a rocketball type of cartridge, in which the powder and primer were encased in the hollow base of the bullet to make a caseless cartridge. The gravity pistol was named for its gravity feed mechanism and its 20-round capacity. Because of the very limited powder capacity of this type of cartridge, these pistols were made solely for sporting and recreational use, without an attempt at military adoption.
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    Default Re: Colette Gravity Pistol - Rocket ball.

    Just when you think you seen it all

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    Default Re: Colette Gravity Pistol - Rocket ball.

    this is one of my favorite youtube channels, get to see some sweet sweet guns. And he seems to always find some of the most impossible ones ever made, not to mention showing off a good bit of historical aspects and the different mechanical feats over the years

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    Default Re: Colette Gravity Pistol - Rocket ball.

    Cool! Thanks for posting this. I had a friend when I lived in Colorado that had a Daisy caseless .22 that used a similar type of ammo -if I remember correctly, you had to pump it and it used the pressurized air to ignite the cartridge interesting concept !

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