I submitted in November and am currently a bit past the 45 day mark with the Philadelphia Gun Permit Unit (45 calendar days max being the legal maximum hardcoded in the law and what Philly agreed to on Page 14 in the October 14 class action settlement - http://phillyltcfclassaction.com/pdf..._agreement.pdf ; https://www.phillypolice.com/assets/...ion-Notice.pdf ).

Has anyone here that submitted any time since October 26 (10 weeks) been able to renew or at least get a renewal card that their app has been processed and is ready for pickup? My renewal app was squeaky clean and complete and submitted a couple extra weeks in advance of the 45 day max requirement. No need to post exact days (for OPSEC), but would be interested in aproximates (about 7 weeks since app, 8 weeks, 9 weeks, 10 weeks, etc.)

As is their current standard policy, the Philadelphia Gun Permit Unit will not give status of apps over the phone or e-mail (although I see no reason why an applicant could not simply be called back with status information based on their phone number or other information listed on their app or by e-mail if proof of identity is attached - such as a scan of the current LTCF), but I was told orally that my app COULD be ready now (but I would have to go to the GPU to see) or it could be ready in about a week.