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Thread: New Pistols

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    I took my Dad, a vet to the gun range today to shoot our brand new pistols. I got a Springfield mod 2 9mm and my Dad got a Taurus G2 . He shot 26 rounds thru his gun and loved it, it is very accurate. I shot around 100 rounds thru mine and I love it too. Im not much of a shot but I had some bulls and kept almost everything inside the first 2 rings. If you had ever seen me shoot you would know that it has to be the gun!
    My confidence is growing and cant wait to shoot again. I carry this gun everywhere I go in a IWB holster by Brent and I highly recommend it and the holster. I almost forget I have it.
    It was a great way to celibrate veterans day and spend time with my dad.

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    Sounds like a good time. I have the PT111 G2 and you are right, it is a great little pistol. Especially at the $200 dollar price point. My only concern is whether Taurus can hold on with the law the pending law suit.
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