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    Default Anyone live in Paupackan Lake Estates?

    I am considering buying a property at Paupackan Lake Estates. Wondering if any other forum members live there or know someone (pro gun) who does. My concern has to do with one of their by-laws. It says that no weapon of any kind can be discharged within the property limits. While I don't have an issue with the word "discharge" as I won't have enough land to have a shooting range at my home, I am fearful that this language really is the start to what they want to say...."you can't have any weapons on the property". There is a lot going around on these forums about HOA's and many people want to avoid them because they are able to make declarations about what happens outside your house on your property, but if the property *house" you want is within the HOA, not much you can do about it.

    Just looking to see if any other members can shed some light on that area and if it is an anti-gun development.

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    Default Re: Anyone live in Paupackan Lake Estates?

    I have no knowledge of that particular development, but in my humble opinion as a relatively new homeowner in PA, I'd say try to avoid HOA's like the plague. During my house search last fall, I looked at a turn key home in a community not far from the house I ended up buying. While the HOA had very few rules, my concern was that in 5, 10, or 20 years, that would change for the worse when more transplants from NY and NJ move in, get elected to the board, and try to control everything--that was a huge turn off from me. I'm a transplant myself, but I'm not the kind who wants to bring the rules, regulations, and nosiness of the city with me. I also heard that residents in said HOA were complaining about a guy who owned a property in the community as well as some acreage immediately adjacent to but still outside the community when he'd ride quads and shoot guns on his property. What he does on his own land outside the HOA is none of anyone else's business.

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