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    Default Re: Sherman theater - Stroudsburg

    Quote Originally Posted by Sandcut View Post
    Good to know. Considering the amount of NY influence in Stroudsburg, I kind of figured that that would be the case. Thanks for letting me know.

    For the record, how thorough were they and do you think they'd have issues with something like a Leatherman?
    Well first off, the guy who patted me down looked like the guy on the left...

    (He was a friendly guy, just built like a house and wearing black BDU pants and a black security shirt)

    Also I was wearing an NRA t-shirt, so of course they made sure they patted me down very well. The only place he didn't touch me was in my crotch and ass. I also went to a country concert, and every guy there was wearing a pro-gun/USA/etc shirt and camo hat. They might have put more effort into it since it was like a "country boy" convention there.
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    Default Re: Sherman theater - Stroudsburg

    I went the the Sherman Theater on December 26, 2015 for a benefit concert. There was no sign stating any NO CCW policy.
    As my GF and I walked in this 400 lb guy in black fatigues and a security shirt asks to look in here purse. She complies. Then he turns to me and says do you have any weapons I need to pat you down. As he stepped in to pat me down I stepped back raised my support hand to create distance and said YES i am carrying. He said no weapons allowed you can't carry here. I asked where the sign was and there was none and he said they don't publicize their policy. I said "so what would you like me to do" with my gun? He said put it in your car. I explained that I NEVER leave a gun in my car even at my home! He said neither did he unless he forgot. I explained thats where a lot o stolen guns come from is cars. The guy was calm and all but leaving a gun in a car anywhere on the street is STUPID and IRRESPONSIBLE and not something I ever do. So I calmly explained to the guy flat out, so if I put my gun in my car and it gets stollen Im holding YOU personally responsible because this is a BS policy. If you don't allow CCW, tell the management to post it like real men instead of hiding behind unarmed fat slobs in black BDU's. Bottom Line, I will NEVER attend anything at the Sherman theater again. Sorry, I prefer to be armed and highly trained. If they posted their policy I would have not had an issue, its their venue. Encouraging people to leave guns in vehicles is BS, how do I know I'm not getting set up? You all do what you want but my safety is not worth leaving up to overweight people in black BDU's. If there was some sort of armed professional security I would have had less of an issue.

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