My sister was in Ohio visiting today, She asked about shooting, so I took her to the range and ran her and my nephew through the NRA First Shots program, and had them fire a variety of handguns. She is showing interest in Concealed carry, and I would like to direct her to a good firearms instructor in her area, something more than a basic handgun safety class. I sent my wife to a class with Kathy Jackson last year (Was convenient that Kathy showed up in Ohio near us) and I am looking for something similar for my sister.

Kathy's class was geared towards women, and covered shooting, firearms handling, racking the slide (working in the pickle jar zone), shooting from retention, concealed carry options for women, Off body carry, proper draw from concealment, Magazine changes, Malfunction handling, Concealed Carry mindset, firearms retention, Maintaining your personal space, they also put on a Concealed carry fashion show, etc.. etc.. imho Overall a very good full 2 day+ class.

Could anyone provide recommendations for similar firearms training semi-local to the Malvern PA area that I could direct my sister to ?

Thank you