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    Question Shooting on ones own property

    Are there any PA state or township (President) specific regulations about shooting firearms on ones own property...? Not speaking of common sense rules, but any actual laws.

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    Default Re: Shooting on ones own property

    I would simply give the township a call and ask.

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    Default Re: Shooting on ones own property

    State no. But some municipalities have a "no discharging of firearms" ordinance.

    Call your county and township.

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    We have land in West Brandywine TWP in Chester County, There is no law against it and no "discharge of firearms" ordinance, however there is a poorly written sound ordinance that is causing people to complain.

    Like Benfoo said check your local ordinance and possibly ask CLEO, I know asking them could go either way.

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    Default Re: Shooting on ones own property

    If you live in Oil City, it appears to be against the law.

    Acts of disorderly conduct enumerated.
    Any person shall be guilty of disorderly conduct if, upon the streets, lanes, alleys, parks, public places or private premises in the City of Oil City, Pennsylvania, he shall be found drunk; engage in, aid or abet any riot, affray, unlawful assemblage or fight; use loud, boisterous, profane, indecent or vulgar language; act in a loud boisterous manner; make or cause to be made any loud boisterous noise or disturbance; loaf or loiter upon the streets, lanes, avenues, alleys or public places of the City to the annoyance of the public; obstruct the entrance to any public or private building; fire any gun, pistol or other firearm or explode any explosives or fireworks of any kind; willfully obstruct any public street, lane, avenue or alley, pavement, footwalk or crossing; write, post or expose to view any lewd or indecent word, picture or device; indecently expose his person; prowl or loiter around or upon any of the streets, lanes, avenues, alleys, parks, public places or private premises for the purpose of inviting immoral or indecent conduct; establish or carry on upon the streets, lanes, avenues, alleys or public places any show, game or other demonstration for the purpose of attracting a crowd without the permission of the Police Department of the City of Oil City; congregate with others or loaf or loiter in and around poolrooms, bowling alleys, taverns and other public or private places to the annoyance of the public; fail to obey a lawful order of dispersal by a police officer where acts of disorderly conduct are being committed in the immediate vicinity.

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