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    Okay, my name is Conrad Miller, I own Strongside Holsters (one of the billion or so custom kydex companies). Check out our website @ We just relocated from Langhorne, PA (Bucks County) to Mechanicsburg. I am in the process of changing our manufacturing over from a handcrafted process to a much more industrial/semi-automated process. To help facilitate this transition we are beginning to make our own forms which we will use to mass produce. I have a 3D scanner, I am scanning guns and then using the scans to build solid models which I will use as the data to CNC machine our forms.

    Obviously (sadly) I don't have nearly as many guns as I would like or need to form a full library of gun/magazine scans. So, in return for you meeting with me and allowing me to scan your gun and magazine, I will offer a free kydex holster. The scanning process takes about an hour and involves spraying your gun with talcum powder (non-destructive). After the scan, I will clean your gun using either an ultra sonic cleaner or steam cleaner. You can then either wait while I make you a holster (another hour or so), or if you want one of the latest and greatest models, you can wait until the upgrade process is completed and I will send you one.

    My email is
    My cell # is two6seven - two7eight - seven5nine8

    Feel free to email, call or text (prefer text to call). If I don't answer (I usually do), leave a message and I'll get back to you.

    Below is a list of the guns I currently am looking for. I'll update it from time to time. If you have something that is not on the list, contact me, I MIGHT take you up on it.

    Any Glock (except 19/23/32, 17/22/31 and 43)
    Any HK
    Any non 1911 Springfield Armory (except 4" .45XD and .4" .40XD)
    Any 3", 3.5" or 4" 1911 with or without rail
    Any Beretta (except 92A1)
    Any Sig Sauer (except MK25 and P239)
    Any FNH pistol
    Any Ruger SEMI AUTO pistol
    Any Smith & Wesson Semi Auto pistol (except the M&P 4.25" 9/.40)
    Any CZ pistol
    Any Lionheart pistol

    Hope to hear from you soon, looking forward to meeting you all!!! Blessings.

    Also, if you own a gun store or know someone who does we are always looking to ad more wholesale dealer accounts as well.

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    Default Re: FREE KYDEX HOLSTERS!!!

    Sent you a PM about a week ago, waiting to hear back. Thanks.
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    Default Re: FREE KYDEX HOLSTERS!!!

    I've been using some of Conrad's holsters since a week or so after he posted this ad. They are all holding their shape and finish nicely. I'd certainly recommend a Strongside holster to a friend.

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    Default Re: FREE KYDEX HOLSTERS!!!

    I tried to PM you but your inbox is full. I own a Makarov and a Walther PK380 if you're interested in getting molds for either. I also have a full size M&P 9mm.

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    Default Re: FREE KYDEX HOLSTERS!!!

    Would you like to make to make a mold for a Smith and Wesson Model 10?
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    Default Re: FREE KYDEX HOLSTERS!!!

    I would like OWB for a G19 with Streamlight TRL-1 attached.
    Those seem hard to find.
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    Hi Conrad,

    I am a gunsmith in Bucks county. I have pistols of just about every type pass through here at various times.
    If you're interested, send me an updated list of the guns/mags you need.
    Pending customer approval of the process, you may be able to access the pistols you need should one come in here.

    Crusader's local #556 South Central Asia chapter

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