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    Default Optics for my CX4 Storm

    I am looking into getting some kind of optical sight for my Beretta CX4 Storm. WHat do you think I should get. Please share any ideas but I am trying to stay affordable. Affordable to me means less than $300 right now. But if you think I shold just save up for an Eotech or something please et me know that I should do that.

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    Default Re: Optics for my CX4 Storm

    I have a Tasco TS(aimpoint clone) on my AK-47 and have had no problems with it at all. At about 120.00 it won't break the bank either.
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    Default Re: Optics for my CX4 Storm

    I have a Burris XTS-135 Tactical (with the tactical Burris ring) on my CX4 9mm. Works great. It would be nince to have some magnification, but I am pleased with the quality and durability of the scope. Lou
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