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    Default 20+ Guns and Jewelry Stolen from Richmond Township Home

    Mansfield State Police need your help in finding the person or persons behind the theft of a high number of guns. The incident took place between April 28th and 29th.

    The location of the theft was on Route 6 in Richmond Township. The victims of the crime were listed as John B Owlett, 83, and Coralee Owlett, 73, of Richmond Township. The police report listed over 20 vintage rifles and muskets as being stolen, along with 3 handguns.

    In addition to the guns, the person(s) also stole two diamond wedding rings, along with a ruby necklace with a cross on it. If you have any reason to think you might have information that could help the State Police, please call them at (570) 662-2151.

    The home is located at 15700 block of Route 6, Richmond Township.

    Be on the lookout for someone who might be trying to sell a cache of vintage rifles or shotguns. If you live near the home, and recall any suspicious activity on April 28th or 29th, please call the Mansfield State Police Barracks and let them know.

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    Angry Re: 20+ Guns and Jewelry Stolen from Richmond Township Home

    God damn these f$%king scumbags. I hope that cunt either get shot and rob by the fella gangster. we got a theft at my workplace also. Asshole was a kid, he took a remote control drone kit which cost $1,150.. I hope the cop will get him at one point because we caught him on the camera..

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