NRA Range Safety Officer Training

Wicen's Learning Center
Contact George Hancock for details
(215) 598-0430

Class will be conducted at the Learning Center, on the grounds of the Wicen's Shooting Range

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer and Training Counselor
Barry Burton

Message Drop 215 352 3094

This course will provide the experiences shooter with the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude to serve as a Range Safety Officer:

Inspect and Open a Range on the Range Complex
Conduct Range Safety Briefings
Apply an Emergency Plan
Unload and Clear rifles, pistols, shotguns, and muzzleloaders.
Talk a shooter through malfunction clearance
Maintain safety on an active range
Safely remove a firearm from a decompensated shooter

This course is NOT about teaching how to shoot firearms, rather, the RSO will Teach the golden rules of gun safety and implement plans to maintain a safe range experience!

Cost includes meals, materials, and ALL NRA fees required.