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    Default Give thread OP the ability to close a thread

    I'm not familiar with the vBulletin back end, so it may not even be possible.

    Is it possible to give the tread OP the ability to close a thread within some number of minutes, or before response post #{pick a number}?

    Case in point:
    I searched, but couldn't find a previous thread about a topic, so I started a new one. Post #2 in that thread was a link to an already started thread. I would close the thread if I could.

    I can see both sides of the coin - convenient for cases like this, but a real pain in the ass for people who get butt hurt by comments, then close their thread because they don't like the responses they get.

    It never hurts to ask.

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    Default Re: Give thread OP the ability to close a thread

    I would oppose such a change. There are too many who like to voice their opinions and then silence opposing responses.

    It's partly semantics; if I start a thread, I might call it "my thread", but the reality is that we're all writing stuff on somebody's wall, and it's not our wall. So really, your usage is correct, the OP is merely the first poster in a PAFOA discussion thread, and it gets closed when the mod staff agrees to close it.
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    Default Re: Give thread OP the ability to close a thread

    Ive brought this up before, not going to happen, dup thread go ahead close this one out
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    Default Re: Give thread OP the ability to close a thread

    If you discover a duplicate thread, post a link to the original thread, then report the duplicate.

    The mods know that the search function isn't the best, and that some folks like to name thread with their own twist - so we'll get duplicates at times.

    If you personally create a duplicate thread - just delete your original post in the duplicate thread. It will then delete the thread. Be sure to use the "Physically remove" option, and leave the Reason field blank(filling it in will leave a remnant of the post).

    If you want one of your threads closed for whatever reason - just report it. "Please close"
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