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    Default Steelers and Heinz field

    Anyone remember the huge fight over using tax payer funding to build Heinz Field and PNC Park? How the County wanted to raise the sales tax again to pay for it. People were up in arms and finally the state stepped in and helped fund them. Well what do you know. Here is Dan the LYING tax man saying the county is in financial trouble and they need more money.
    Well, Well what comes up in this mornings Tribune Review.
    Mark Patrick Flaherty the County Controller says that the Allegheny County demands back its proportional share of the 281 million dollars used to build Heinz Field if there is any sale of the Steelers.
    I thought there was no Allegheny County money used for either of these professional ball parks?

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    Default Re: Steelers and Heinz field

    Hell yeah, there was county & state money. They did an "End Around" the Plan B referendum that failed to build those stadiums in PGH and PHIL. Those funds didn't come out of Rooney's and McClatchy's pockets...

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    Default Re: Steelers and Heinz field

    Sounds fair to me---The new stadium increased the value of the Steelers which gives the taxpayers a right share in proceeds.......

    But, don't worry they will figure out a way to screw the taxpayer

    The oracle is in. Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill!!

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    Default Re: Steelers and Heinz field

    yeah, if i remember correctly, they couldn't use any then-current tax dollars to fund the stadiums because of the results of the referendum.

    so, instead, they floated a bond...which basically means they used then-future (now current) tax dollars to help fund them.

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