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    Default Re: Clayton's- A surprising experience

    I've been a member at Clayton's for close to a year now. I shoot there every week. During that time, I've had a chance to interact with everyone there.

    Perhaps I've just been lucky, but everyone at Clayton's has treated me with respect, and have been very accommodating. That said, I really haven't interacted with Tommy (the owner) a whole lot. He usually stays in his corner near the computer.

    They have two indoor ranges. One is a 20 yard pistol and rifle range, but I think the backstop material reduces to more of a 15 yard range. The other range is nominally a 15 yard pistol range, but again the backstop material limits it to about 10 yards. The photos you see on Clayton's website ( is their actual rifle and pistol range. However, those pictures appear to have been taken when the range was newly installed. If you walk in there now, it is much more... battle worn. Yes, there are some disturbing bullent holes/dents in the shooting bays that suggests some idiots have used the range. That said, it is a public range. I don't know if it's fair to put all of the blame on the RSO. I've seen idiots show up to Wicen's, and sometimes the best the RSO can do is kick that person out after they've committed their act of idiocy. Nevertheless, it's still a step up from some of the other ranges I've been too.

    As far as the store is concerned, their selection and prices are commensurate with Classic Pistol, and tend to be a little higher than Tanner's or Bunker.

    Until I can find a private club to join, I'll probably continue to use Clayton's for my weekly range practice.

    I'm not trying to challenge the claims of those who say that they've been treated improperly, or found the facilities to lacking. I'm just saying that, despite having shot there on a weekly basis for nearly a year, my overall experience has been quite positive. Again, maybe I've just been lucky...

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    Default Re: Clayton's- A surprising experience

    I haven't been there a whole lot. Used to go to the old store more while I was doing the Reservist thing at NAS Willow Grove many years ago. Only bought 2 guns there , but never was treated anything other than cordially. I once bought a mint 1917 Eddystone , and when I pulled out and signed a copy of my C&R without haggling on the price, he asked if I could still make any money at that price. ??? I said it was for my own collection , and he still knocked $50 off since he didn't have to do any paperwork.
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