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Thread: Enck's Gun Shop

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    Yeah I have been there when a couple members of the "gang" were there. Didn't bother me. The one guy working there didn't like my opinion of the Lee FCD when he overhead me talking to another guy about it. LOL.

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    Stopped in there today for the first time to have a look. Ended up spending a FEW bucks. Great bunch of guys. Great prices, at least for what I was looking at. Didn't mind the close quarters, and it was packed. Everyone I bumped into seemed very nice about it. Good way to spend the afternoon.

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    I will NEVER go back to this shop. I brought a 1911 with feeding issues in. They said they would need a month. 4 weeks later and they needed a couple more weeks. Another month later, still not done. I found myself up at the VA and called. The guy actually said he was just finishing it. So, I ran over, he lied. He had just taken it apart for the first time. A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. I took someplace else....... 3 weeks and fixed.

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