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    Default Re: Scranton Area Gun Shops?

    Quote Originally Posted by mollymayhem82 View Post
    To counter what Don Johnson said, I've had nothing but good experiences at Gun Toters. The guys there are patient, and know their stuff. Mike is a cop, so maybe he gives off that vibe? I dunno. He was very nice to me. The only shop I refuse to go to is the one in Honesdale, Northeast Firearms. I was in there once, and the guy was a total sexist dickbag. Not to mention their shitty selection and prices.

    Piestraks isn't really in the Scranton area; it takes about an hour to get there from this area. But it's a worth the drive.

    There are a couple more stores around here: J&G Sports and Zellers. Both are in Throop. J&G's has a huge selection, lots of milsurp and reloading stuff, but the prices are kind of high. I've never been in Zellers, but I hear they're good. The one in Duryea is kind of a hole-in-the-wall place, not a big selection. Hunter's Gallery in Hamlin has a nice selection and good prices, and the family that runs it is very nice.
    I second everything Molly said, I usually frequent Gun Toters in Eynon or J&G in Throop. J&G probably has the best selection of Milsurp stuff, I got a nice SKS there last year, and they do stock a lot of reloading supplies, but they can be pricey especially ammo.

    Check out Advanced Arms too in Pittston. It's clean, modern and has the friendliest and most helpful staff.

    Also, if you like your milsurp items smelling like dogs and formaldehyde, check out Heberlings Sports shop near Honesdale, it's a drive but they have a decent selection of used guns plus an indoor pistol range you can use for a fee. But be warned they do a lot of deer mounting and such in the back and if you go in there you'll know it but they're nice people hehe
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    Default Re: Scranton Area Gun Shops?

    OP, any update on your experience with any of these shops??

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    Default Re: Scranton Area Gun Shops?

    2 new ones I have visited locally
    United Gun Supply
    1337 Highway 315, Plains, Pennsylvania 18705

    and Bears Gun Room
    887 Wyoming Ave Suite 2, Wyoming, PA

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    Default Re: Scranton Area Gun Shops?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealDonJohnson View Post
    Mike at Gun Toters is a dick so scratch that off your list. You can try Big Rich on Main Ave, but he's got weird hours. Homeland Tac only stocks used mil surp, so if that's your thing it's worth a drive by, the guy is pretty cool.

    Honestly Advanced Arms might be the only one worth your time. Friendly staff great selection. I don't think they stock reloading supplies, but they have large selection of firearms and competitive prices.
    I second the "Dick" reference for Gun toters. Haven't been there in years because of the shitty experiences there. Back then they had some younger girl behind the counter as well, real piece of work she was... I can't believe they stay in business....

    Also agree that Advanced arms is a good shop as long as you don't have to deal with the owners wife, short pencil thin middle aged lady, she's another real piece of work, but the quality of the shop, great selection, good prices and the great staff they have there outweigh the shitty owners wife.

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    Default Re: Scranton Area Gun Shops?

    I have no issues with mike and his staff or ever had a problem when dealing with Mary. Both are great. If Iím not mistaken advance underwent a change in ownership recently.

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