Hey Guys,

I'm getting a small group of my friends together to have a fun range day. We are all responsible firearm owners from NJ looking to meet up with you guys at a range in Eastern PA for some fun Class 3, Sbr, suppressed, or other stuff we are not allowed to have in NJ!

We will bring our own stuff as well (ARs, AKs, various other rifles, pistols, etc) and you guys are welcome to shoot whatever we bring.

We are willing to pay ALOT to have some fun for the day.

We are specifically looking for F/A , SBR, Suppressed anything and everything, and if possible a nice suppressed bolt gun in 308 or similar to shoot 500+ meters.

We are not tourists, so we are not looking to go to somewhere like sunset hills or HG, we are looking to meet up and have fun for the day and shoot some nice Class III stuff!

If anyone is interested in something like this, PLEASE let me know ASAP so we can work out the details.

Don't be shy, if you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know! Even if you are in central or western PA, let me know! I have to have this planned within a week or so...

Like I said, we will make it worth your while. You'll be clearing $1000+ for the day (depending on what we do) we can bring our own ammo, or buy from you.

Let's have some fun!

Please email me directly at j007bmw2@aol.com

Or PM me on here. Email will be quicker.