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Thread: Caracal pistols

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    Default Caracal pistols

    So in 2013 the Caracal pistols became pretty popular pretty quickly, until they had all the recall issues. I was one of the first people to buy one of these pistols in the US, and I believe I am one of the only people to still own one. I sent mine back to Caracal once the initial recall came out and they replaced the trigger and sent it back to me. Caracal was supposed to re- release an updated form of the pistols, but I guess it never happened. Would anybody be interested in these pistols if they came back? I was going to sell mine but decided to hold onto it being as they may never come back into the country.

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    Default Re: Caracal pistols

    I haven't heard the word Caracal in like 2 years.

    For a while there - it was all anyone talked about. Then like a lightning strike. Gone.

    Now it's like the TP9 / TP9SA. And the Turkish clone wars.

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    Default Re: Caracal pistols

    I'm not sure if they are in business anymore. They fulfilled an order for their local police in the UAE and then they had the big recall and pull out. Who knows if you'll see them again.

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    Default Re: Caracal pistols

    They're neat pistols for sure. Slim slide, low bore axis, Steyr inspired design, but I don't particularly find them to bring anything extraordinary to the table.

    For cheap enough, there's always interest.

    Word on the street is that they once manufactured the slides out of two pieces.
    They'll now be built with single piece slides.

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