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    Default 7.5 in Ruger Super Redhawk .44

    I just picked up this gun yesterday. I ordered it from Buds and had it sent to a local shop. Really nice gun. Fit and finish is great. Comes with a nice set of factory rings. Single action trigger is awesome. Double action is as expected. Very heavy and long. From all the reviews I read on the gun I was expecting way worse. I shot about 75 rounds through it. It hits really high. Even using a 6 o'clock hold I was barely keeping it at the top of a paper plate at 25 yrds. The sights were maxed out as low as they go. I need to shoot at a big piece of cardboard to see how it is grouping and get a better idea how high it's hitting. The recoil is sharp but not terrible. It has Hogue grips on it which helps. I tried some "rapid" fire at 10 yrds and follow up shots weren't too bad. At 10 yrds it was maybe 2in high, taking your time you can pretty much put rounds in the same hole..

    I got a shooters pack of springs from Wolff and installed them last night. I put in the 10 lb hammer spring and the 10 lb trigger return spring. I also polished all the internals. One thing I found was the original trigger return spring was severely rusted. Everything else on the gun was fine. After finishing everything the trigger is a lot lighter in DA and smoother. SA wasn't a huge difference but it didn't need it anyway. Here's the instructions I found for the trigger work. The guy did an excellent job with all the details and pictures. I'll have to see if the 10lb hammer spring is strong enough for reliable primer strikes. If not, I'll put in the 11 lb.

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    Default Re: 7.5 in Ruger Super Redhawk .44

    Thanks, I was just saving some pages for an upcoming enhancement on my 9.5". I typically use feedback from sites that sell the spring kit, and youtube vids.
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