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    Default Applying for a LTCF w/ juvenile record + reference checks in Cumberland County

    Hi all,

    I'd been looking into getting a LTCF for a bit and came across the forums, tons of info here and a lot of good reading =)

    Just had two questions,

    1. Got all the answers I needed. Thanks!

    2. I live in Cumberland County and had been looking at the local Sheriff's web page and came across this part regarding the application process,

    "You will need the mailing addresses and home telephone numbers of two character references that are residents of Cumberland County, and that you have known for at least one year."

    I'm coming up on a year here in the county, but find this a bit restrictive. I've known plenty of people in neighboring counties for over a year, but very few since I've moved here that would qualify in a month or so.

    Does this fall under the Sheriff's purview as far as his "investigation" is concerned? I obviously wouldn't lie on an application, so unless I could get my neighbors to be a reference for me, that might be kind of hard to fulfill.


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