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    Default Iver Johnson Pony

    Picked up an Iver Johnson Pony from another Member today. Already have a nice FI version, so figured I'd add the Iver. He had picked it up from a collection, and it appeared to be a little beat, but worked fine. Picked it up today from him, took it home, tore it down and found that most of what made it a beater was a lot of gunk, sock drawer gook, etc, etc.. Cleaned it, used 800 sandpaper on barrel and trigger, then 0000 steel wool and oxpho blue on the rest, and once done - not bad. I believe the 3 similar pistols were the FI, the Iver which I know have both, then the Star - one more and I can complete another trio

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    Default Re: Iver Johnson Pony

    I looked at that one, price was great! Would've been all over it if it weren't for Christmas spending. I've been looking for an Iver, Star or FI for awhile. On the rare occasions that one crosses my path for a decent price, it's almost always after I made another purchase. My main carries are a FEG Hi Power and an Astra A-70. Would love to have an affordable SA pocket gun. Guess I'll have to stick with the LCP for now until the planets align for me.

    Congrats on the purchase! I envy you! Enjoy!
    I just like to pop in every now and then to see what nancyinpa has for sale.

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