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    Default AMT Backup 9mm holster

    Hello all hope everyone had a good dad expressed his interest in buying a quality leather/synthetic holster for his oddball carry gun. It is a Stainless steel AMT Backup 9mm. It is a tiny gun but he also isn't overly concerned with printing or flawless concealment, OWB would be great. I would really appreciate if someone could suggest a good holster...He is tired of using a generic uncle mike's holster. Thank You Very Much All

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    Default Re: AMT Backup 9mm holster

    You may be up the creek without a paddle on this one. I am doing extensive searching & so far the only company that I see that makes a holster for the AMT Backup period is GALCO and it is for the .45 version not 9mm.

    If you were local to Dauphin County I'd say go over to Vigilance Tactical and have a custom one off Kydex holster made for it. You could probably ship it to them if you were so inclined to do so.

    You could also check out Wright Leather Works, I didn't see anything on their for the AMT. However I believe they can make custom holsters so you may be in luck there as well.
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