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    Default Re: Hunter Shoots Another Then Flees

    so PSP and the Game commision never followed up?

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    Default Re: Hunter Shoots Another Then Flees

    Quote Originally Posted by God's Country View Post
    I read about this last week. Happened about an hour away.
    Some people laugh at me that I carry when I'm hunting because I already "have a gun". May not have helped in this or similar situations, but if an up close encounter occurs I want a handgun that is accessible. A lot of scumbags probably wouldn't expect a hunter to be armed beyond their rifle.
    Back when I was a kid hunting with my father, he used to carry his big-assed revolver.
    When I asked "why", he presented several plausible (even to a 13 year old) scenarios where having a defensive firearm would be better than not having one.
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    Default Re: Hunter Shoots Another Then Flees

    There aren't any updates to this because the assailant was never identified nor found. I found multiple articles referencing Jarret Rapp, but they're all the same thing. The guy got away.
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