After a discussing with the other mods for quite some time that PAFOA was in need of additional help, we've asked Unclejumbo, streaker69, and GunLawyer001 if they would volunteer as forum moderators. They all accepted, so please join me in welcoming them to the PAFOA staff!

I held off on making an official announcement for a little awhile, so the guys had some time to acclimate to their new status, and get the feel for the moderator controls. But, as you can see in the thread here, the cat was already out of the bag last night!

In any event, I'm going to post this thread as closed, and ask everyone to continue the discussion in the above thread that's already ongoing.

The only issue I'd like to make everyone aware of is a special situation pertaining to GunLawyer001 which we accommodated. Since GL is a lawyer, and often gives legal advice here along with his personal opinions, he asked if we could keep his personal/legal comment separate from his posts pertaining to moderation duties. This way, his opinions aren't misconstrued as PAFOA giving legal advice itself.

To best accomplish this, we created a new account for him named GunLawyer001/Moderator. All posts coming from his usual GL account will reflect his personal views and legal opinions, and anything from the GL/Mod account will be considered posts and action specific to his moderation duties for PAFOA.

So, thanks to all three of you for helping us, and welcome!