I got my first Sig, a P220 Match Elite in 45 Auto. It has been a couple of weeks now that I have had it so I wanted to get a quick review out. Overall appearance, fit, and finish are excellent. The rear sight is a top notch match sight with solid clicks and tight fit for no side play. The front sight is good for target shooting with a very flat finish that fights any halo effect even in bright sunlight. An odd thing at least to me is the front sight also has a tritium dot. I would not have ordered it like that but now that I have it, it does not interfere with getting precise sight alignment and it does glow in the dark if that is desired. Slide to frame fit is excellent and given the length of the rails on the Sig, the slide locks to the same point every time which helps with its accuracy.

Right out of the box the pistol was very accurate. The only hiccup was light target loads did not at first cycle the pistol with the 20 lb factory recoil spring. But even that fact did not keep it from shooting good groups. Everything I shot out of it grouped under 3 @ 25 yards with 200 SWC lead bullets right at 2 and some 185 SWC using WST powder @ 1.625 at 25 yards. All of these were loads I just pulled off my shelf, I have yet to work up a load just for this pistol so it may get better. Another pleasant surprise was after about 20-30 rounds, even the lightest loads that would not cycle earlier now work the action without a hitch. It must have needed a couple of shots to settle in. The barrel is top-notch smooth and it cleans very easily even being this new.

The only negatives were the magazines are a little shorter than a 1911 so playing with OAL may be restricted some on the long end. The other issue was the trigger. Sig claims the single action trigger is at 4.4 lbs. No way on this pistol. My weights only go to 5.75 lbs and it picks that up with no problem. I used my old spring gauge and it seems to be in the 6.25 lb area now. The trigger pull may improve with use so I will live with it for now. I bought the pistol, delivered new, for $1029. IMHO it is well worth the price. Hope this helps.