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    Default Faux Ivory Grips for 1911

    Anybody have any recommendations for faux ivory grips for a 1911? I'm looking to spend $50 or less. I found a good amount on the internet, but I don't know which are decent and which are junk. Smooth grips don't bother me, and I also would prefer something with a hint of yellow in them to give them an antique look. This would be for a GI RIA 1911. Thanks for your input!

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    Default Re: Faux Ivory Grips for 1911

    Check out Sid Ryan. He sells on Ebay and has an impressive variety of scrimshawed faux ivory. Check his Ebay store.. Mine do look good in person , with just a hint of yellowing. And they fit perfectly. Also , the genuine water buffalo bone panels from Thailand looks even better.

    Gotta take a new pic as I added a sterling silver Colt medallion to these.

    *** had his website , but removed it because my Norton blocked some Trojan attack thing.

    Here's his Ebay store.
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    Default Re: Faux Ivory Grips for 1911

    I've bought from this company before, but not that particular grip.

    Again, not this particular grip, but I have bought a set made of the same material with no complaints:
    If this texture works for you, this is a durable method of manufacturing, better than polymer IMO.

    And then you always can go Ajax or Hogue, again, I've used grips from both companies with no problem.

    There are others, but then you start climbing out of the stated price range.

    Best I can do to point you in a direction, I've never went with ivory for a 1911, I try to stay with exotic woods and such.
    Hope this helps.
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