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    Default Melanie Madeira (District 114 candidate) gun rights position statement

    Melanie Madeira (District 114 candidate) Second Amendment position statement, from her campaign website:

    ‘Harrisburg politicians talk about protecting hunting and use phrases like “common sense restrictions on guns” to hide their real agenda. But we are wise to their games. While I will fight to preserve our hunting traditions, I know our right to keep and bear arms comes from God and is about protecting our families from tyrants and criminals. That’s why I will stand firm with the PA and Federal Constitutional protections of those rights, supporting Pennsylvania’s “Castle Doctrine” and making sure that local municipalities pay a price if they try to violate your rights.’

    Melanie Madeira is the wife of 94.3 FM radio talk show host David Madeira and a candidate for the PA General Assembly (District 114), opposing incumbent Sid Michaels Kavulich


    10/29/2014: Added link to Lackawanna area endorsements by PA Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC)

    And text of FOAC postcard endorsement:

    Dear 114th House District Gun Owner,
    Melanie Madeira is an exceptional candidate for office. She not only talks about protecting Freedom, she understands its importance in ways many who run for office do not. The ‘incumbent’ has repeatedly refused to return his FOAC questionnaire to us. Further, he has avoided co-sponsoring any of the 21 pro-freedom / pro-2nd Amendment bills in this legislative session. In addition, Kavulich HAS co-sponsored 2 anti-gun bills.

    *FOAC endorses Melanie Madeira for the 114th District PA House.

    We are impressed by her dedication to our heritage, her devotion to our freedoms, her insistence that government is accountable and her loyalty to the constitution. Melanie Madeira has received an ‘A’ grade from FOAC and we believe she will be a dynamic defender of our Freedoms and worthy of serving PA in the House of Reps.!

    Please Vote to Elect: Melanie Madeira to PA House - 114th District ‘Your’ VOTE on Election Day (November 4th) CAN & WILL Make the DIFFERENCE!

    Paid for by Firearms Owners Against Crime: Questions? E-mail - or visit our website at:
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