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    Default Wanted Good AR Smith for Simple Job in NEPA - New AR Barrel needs a1/a2 FS Gas Block

    I have a new barrel from Green Mountain for an AR slick side upper that needs some work done. I don't want to send it out. The barrel is 20" 1/12 twist and .625 at the gas port hole and I want to install a fixed sight and either the triangle or round rifle length handguards to match the carry handle. I am barreling a A4 /A1 hybrid so my kid can shoot 22lr instead of more expensive surplus. Please point me to someone good, cheap and fast or awesome, free, and instantaneous if possible. Thanks in advance. If I had a drill press and more confidence I would consider doing it myself but I would be afraid to watch the kid try to shoot it with canted sights.

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    Default Re: Wanted Good AR Smith for Simple Job in NEPA - New AR Barrel needs a1/a2 FS Gas Bl

    You have stated quite a bit of information.

    I'm not sure why you feel you need a drill press to install a barrel.

    I'm also not sure why you choose 1:12 twist as the most common is 1:9 or better yet 1:8/1:7 twist.

    Anyway, it's going to depend on your barrel from GM as it doesn't sound like it's a standard barrel.

    Do you have all the parts to do your build? IE, a FSB/A2 front sights, handguards, delta ring...etc etc?

    It sounds like you will be buying a 22LR conversion kit for this upper. If that's the case, why not just do a dedicted 22LR?

    Shooting 22LR is very very dirty. I personally wouldn't recommend buying a 22LR conversion kit and shooting it in a 223 barrel. Your barrel and rifle is going to be filthy.

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