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    Default Re: FFL Transfer for online purchase

    I wish local shops stocked what im ordering but I also understand why they dont. My first order that I ended up canceling was through LaRue Tactical who have horrible customer service, which is y I canceled. The one I'm ordering now is through Georgia percision who has great customer service. If local shops stocked either of them I'd be the first one there, it's way easier. That makes sense what you are saying though.

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    Default Re: FFL Transfer for online purchase

    Quote Originally Posted by caluman69 View Post
    I found the company i had with my previous purchase that fell through. I called about 20 stores yesterday and they either wanted $60 for an online purchase transfer or they flat out said no we don't do that. Everyone around here is pretty cheap for regular transfers but seem to have a bad taste in their mouth for online purchases. Thanks Washington County Guns and Suppressors for all being reasonable for all transfers. They are about 35 minutes from my house but that's better than getting screwed by everyone else.

    Anyone know why it's so expensive for online purchase transfers I'm just curious now.

    Thanks for all the input all
    I look forward to meeting you and remember folks that we offer all PAFOA members a $5 discount off of our $25 transfer price or our current special of firing one of our MG's for just the cost of ammo during a transfer.
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    Default Re: FFL Transfer for online purchase

    For the future, ARH in Claysville handles quite a few for Cabelas
    The Lord Bless You

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