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    Default Reese's Supply - Smithfield, PA

    Reese's Supply

    321 Ruble Mill Rd
    Smithfield, PA 15478

    No Website

    They are probably the largest stocking gun dealer in SW PA. Everything I've ever wanted to see, they have had it in the back.

    Prices are great too and they offer a 1 year layaway plan on everything with 20% down.

    They also have good prices on AR's which they always have.
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    Default Re: Reese's Supply - Smithfield, PA

    I'll have to check them out. How are their prices?

    I'm looking for another Armalite in .308

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    Default Re: Reese's Supply - Smithfield, PA

    Just stopped there for the first time. I was up on the hill at Reese's Warehouse buying a microwave. I bought some .223 ammo cheaper than anywhere I have found. I like how the Deli counter kinda blends right into a pistol case. Guns and Groceries, my kind of place!

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    Default Re: Reese's Supply - Smithfield, PA

    yea i was there about two months go because my dad bought me a remington 30.06 and there store is nice except everythingg in the store is all off the shelves

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