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    Cool Ammo Part out today only!

    Hey folks. I am going to be moving pretty soon in about 2-3 weeks so I need to trim down on what I am bringing with me. unfortunately that means the ammo stock pile has to be trimmed a tad. I have about 110 rounds of .38 special ammo, 60 of it is Remington green box, the other 50 is American Eagle Red box stuff. Asking $30 even for those. Typically $19.00 a box (give or take depending on where you look) so call it $30 for both and be square.

    Next up is 200 Rounds of .223. All of these are Remington Green box, un-opened. Again this was part of a larger stockpile, so this is what i'm willing to part with. Asking $100 flat for those. Typically .223 is about $13.00 a box, so I'll go $10 a box and call it a day.

    I also have a Bushnell Spectre 18-36x 50mm spotting scope that was used 4 times. I don't have a long gun anymore so its for sale. Asking $70 cash for it they are originally $100-140.

    I will NOT be checking this today, so if you want to move on these, shoot me a text. Number is Four Eight Four, 7 Nine Four, 0 9 Four 7. (sorry for the spell outs, I dont want any computers or nigerian doctors who need funds calling me).
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