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    Default Concealed Carry on Spirit Cruise?

    I've been thinking of taking my partner on a Spirit Cruise one of these weekends, and as we all know Philadelphia isn't exactly the safest city. It's all fun and games on the boat but truth be told I don't like stepping foot in the city without my CCW, and I'm sure as heck not leaving it in my car... So that being said do you think the Spirit Cruise company has a weapons policy? I don't believe the boat actually goes into New Jersey waters, and I've searched their website and they don't seem to have anything relating to a weapons policy. Has anyone ever been on it with a concealed handgun, or happened to have noticed a sign?

    Thanks for any info!

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    Default Re: Concealed Carry on Spirit Cruise?

    Already a topic on this.

    Sounds like if you keep it concealed you should be ok as they don't have any official rules against and if it crosses NJ line you aren't likely to be stopped before landing in PA again.

    Only issue would then be for trouble with the ship that causes you to disembark in NJ, or if you cross into NJ and the ship is stopped in the water boarded and searched by DRPA/police (Not likely).

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    Default Re: Concealed Carry on Spirit Cruise?

    Keep in mind that unlike most water borders, the water borders of the Delaware River are not clear cut. Delaware has jurisdiction of all water up to the land of NJ until Gloucester County or whereabouts. Take a look at Google Maps for more information. And if you're interested why, take a look at Wikipedia's entry for the New Castle Circle.

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    Default Re: Concealed Carry on Spirit Cruise?

    Jurisdiction of law enforcement is bulkhead to bulkhead friends. Be warned.

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    Default Re: Concealed Carry on Spirit Cruise?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bang View Post
    Jurisdiction of law enforcement is bulkhead to bulkhead friends. Be warned.
    Yes, if you are referring shore to shore while afloat, but the laws that can be enforced is dependent on the state of presence. For example - NJSP patrol have police powers even while you are on the PA side (and vice versa) but must present you to the judicial/LE of the state where arrested. The laws of one state do not extend to the opposite side so carry in a boat w/LTCF on the Pa side is not illegal but, if you cross the boundary line into NJ then you would be violating NJ law if you are w/o NJCCW or NJ exception.

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