Just putting this out there for anyone who may be around next weekend. If my son doesn't have a playoff game I will probably stop by with my kids for a bit at least and walk around Media. If youre planning to attend, there are a lot of good places to eat and drink, and a lot of quaint shops so plan to hang out for a while.

Posted by Darrenlobo:

Join us in countering the gun rights haters' "Walk & Rally for Universal Background Checks on Gun Sales" (http://delcounited.net/2014/05/15/wa...-on-gun-sales/). They want to "...demonstrate deep and broad support in Delaware County for universal backgrounds checks on gun sales...". We're going to show them that there is deeper and broader support for liberty. We're not going to allow them to implement more ineffective measures that are only incremental steps toward disarming us completely.

We'll start at 1pm rallying and waving signs and flags at the intersection of Providence Rd and Baltimore Pike in Media, PA. At 1:45 we'll move 1 block down the road to rally across the street from the Providence Friends Meeting House (http://www.providencemeeting.org/). Their walkers are scheduled to arrive there at 2pm and their rally begins at 2:30.

Read more and RSVP at the facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/580457748734988/

See you there!


For safety all hand guns are to be carried securely holstered. All long guns and shot guns are to be carried slung over the shoulder with barrels pointed straight up or down at the ground.

Please bring signs supporting gun rights to wave.

Invite all of your friends!

Endorsing organizations:

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Firearms Owners Against Crime

Concerned Gun Owners of Pennsylvania

Citizens for Liberty

TruthFreedom Prosperity

I also added a pinned post that reads:

Given that the gun rights haters may become angry at our presence and try to provoke us (as they did in this video shot back in March http://youtu.be/WC6BDaxVurU ) I ask that all participants agree to the following these guidelines:

3. We will not use or carry alcohol or illegal drugs.
4. We will not run or make threatening motions.
5. We will not insult, swear or attack others.
6. We will protect those who oppose or disagree with us from insult or attack.
7. We will not assault, verbally or physically, those who oppose or disagree with us

From: http://www.brandywinepeace.com/nonviolence.html