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    Default Sheriff McAndrews = NFA-friendly

    There's a new sheriff in town, and he's been signing off on NFA items.

    I don't know much about NFA stuff, aside from what counts as NFA, and that you need a tax stamp, and your chief LEO to sign them. That means the sheriff, the County DA, or your local police chief. Our last sheriff aboslutely refuse, durng almost 30 years as sheriff. From what I've been told, he's only ever signed off on one, and only because he got into a pissing match with the DA, who told him it was his job to do it. My husband had problems with him over 2A issues, as well. He wanted to ban guns in parks, in the library, and basically thought he could violate premption when he wanted. His deputy sheriff wasn't much better. And, to top it of, they're Republicans.

    My husband spoke to the new sheriff at length. Not only is he fine with NFA stuff (after a $5 background check), he's supportive of open carry, and has instructed his deputies to not give people a hard time checking their guns in at the courthouse.

    He's one of those mythical pro-2A Democrats I've heard about, lol. Gonna start keeping an eye out for unicorns.

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    Default Re: Sheriff McAndrews = NFA-friendly

    I had heard the same thing when he was first elected, so about 2 months ago I sent him a PM thru his facebook page to ask him about it. He replied to call him at his office even gave me his number and personel extension. I did and he wasnt avaliable so I left him a message thinking that I was dead in the water, but to my suprise he called me back within 20 minutes. We had a nice conversation about 2A and form 1 (which he really didnt know too much about the Mfg. legality so I gave him a basic run thru of the diffference between form 1 and form 3) and form 3. He told me the same stuff $5.00 background check and he would do the sign off. I think he also said that one check would cover multiple forms on the same day not one per form but dont quote me on that one.

    Really cool guy and very 2a friendly . . . Nice to see it . . .


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