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    Question Jefferson Borough (Codorus)

    Hoping someone can help me out. We have an insane number of groundhogs this year in our back yard. My step dad got one with his .22 magnum rifle, I got two with handguns. Are we legal? We have dogs, so the groundhogs have to go. We have a little over two acres and it is sloped. We have been very careful of what is behind what we are shooting at and have assured that we only shoot so that the ground will be a natural backstop.
    We are also curious if there is any problem with a small target range out back. Our internet resources are pretty much limited to my phone; looking up the borough ordinances has proven difficult.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Jefferson Borough (Codorus)

    You can call and ask, but i doubt theres any. I would think as long as you are careful you should be good to shoot those bastards. There are two ranges very close to you which might be a good option also.

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    Default Re: Jefferson Borough (Codorus)

    I don't know about the town laws but if that pistol is semi auto you are breaking state game laws. We're practically neighbors BTW. Welcome to the forum!

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    Default Re: Jefferson Borough (Codorus)

    Its a tough call to say if you are okay setting up a range in your backyard. You have two acres? Are you in an agricultural zoned area? How close is your nearest neighbor?

    I live about 25 minutes away and have a full sized range on my property: but I live on 6 acres and my nearest neighbor's home is several hundred yards away. plus my range faces away from any homes (for about a mile at least).

    Every township has it own regulations. Some townships write regs broad enough to cover any nuisance so may prohibit backyard shooting even if there is no specific ban on it. Other townships just don't care as long as you are on your own land and not menacing others downrange.

    Some years back a friend asked my to host a shooting party as his bachelor party. A neighbor called the state police and a trooper showed up. When he walked up I called a "cease fire and clear your weapons" (I was acting as RSO at the time). The officer checked us out and talked to us for few moments, saw our refreshments were all water or soft drinks, then smiled and told us how the caller had complained about a war breaking out on the lane. Then he told us that since we were doing a lawful activity in a safe manner, he was going to call dispatch that he'd responded to the call and checked it out (and to us to have fun).

    Seriously, you may want to just get to know your neighbors and talk to one or two of the township employees. Barring specific ordinances against target shooting, you are likely okay to go as long as you do it in a safe manner. So ask and take the chance to talk to a few neighbors and meet a township official, you'll likely be pleasantly surprised.

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