This coming Sunday, May 11, 2014, the High Power range at Delco Field & Stream will be holding a groundhog shoot.

All shooting is done from the bench at paper targets placed at 100 yards. Front and rear supports are permitted, although unitized rests may not be used (eg lead sleds) except for those shooting benchrest class.

10 shots for score. Unlimited sighters. Entries cost $8 per class. Payouts will depend on the number of entries per class.

Classes are:

Open/Iron sights (both Rimfire and Centerfire compete in the same class)
Rimfire Hunter Rifle
Rimfire Varmint/Heavy Barrel Rifle
Centerfire Hunter Rifle
Centerfire Varmint/Heavy Barrel Rifle
Benchrest Rifle

Shooting will commence at 9:00 AM. Final "fire" command will be called at noon or shortly thereafter.

This is one of our more popular matches so I'd suggest getting there early if you can. Bring Mom out for mother's day and have her kill some hogs.

Here is a pic of the targets.

Starting from the top left and moving clockwise:

Benchrest class
Varmint/Heavy Barrel Rimfire & Centerfire class
Hunter Class Rimfire & Centerfire
Iron/Open sights

Each shooter will be given two targets (three for Iron/Open sight class). Each target has one "sighter" at the top left, and five scoring targets. You may take as many shots as you want at the sighter but all sighter shots must be within the black circle. Any sighter shot that falls outside of the circle is counted as a miss, so make sure your rifle is dialed-in for 100 yards beforehand. One shot at each non-sighter groundhog for ten shots total.

Iron/open sight class shooters will be given a Sighter target and two scoring targets. They will take 5 shots at each scoring target (10 shots total for score)

Standard scoring rules apply. If your shot is touching the line, you are awarded the higher score. In the event of a tie, we go by # of 10's, then then 9's, 8's, etc.

Feel free to PM me here if you have any questions.