I am running this on the Blackout forum and just wanted to get the word out.

Hi, I am organizing a bulk purchase of a 10.5" Mas Defense 300 Blackout Barrel http://www.shop.masdefense.com/105-3...-1038MWABL.htm that they have in stock. So, with refunds coming in, here is the information:

First, to get this out of the way, I would be the point of contact. All transactions would go through me. I know this turns people off and I understand that. It is just the way it has to be.

Second, after talking to Mario at Mas Defense, the discounts would be 10% for 5 to 10 barrels, 15% for 11-19, and 20% for 20 and above.

Third, payments accepted are Paypal as a gift or 3%, certified check, or money order.

Fourth, I am running this until April 7th, expect all payments to bed received by April 11th, and call in the order on the 14th.

Fifth, Shipping from me to you should be no more than $6. I will send them in a flat rate padded envelope and wrapped up in kraft paper. If general consensus does not like that idea. Shipping will be around $11 in a tube.

Sixth, final price will be sent out everyone on April 8th.

I am hoping for at least 20 for max. discount.

Please post here or on the blackout forum (but not both) if interested and then I will PM you back with confirmation.

Thanks for your interest.