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    Default Why open carry will become ho-hum in PA within a couple of years

    Notice how ho hum open carry has become in Virginia since 2004. In a couple of years, the Dickson Dozen incident will be remembered as the beginning of the end for controversey over open carry in PA.


    Champps Part I, 2004, in the Washington Post: &

    Champps Part II, 2008, according to the Associated Press: (the Washington Post published but has since CUT its link to this article)

    And the VCDL's Champps Part II movie:

    Here is the link:

    or try:


    Windows Media:

    iTunes iPod:


    Subject: VA-ALERT: VCDL mini-alert 6/1/08
    Date: 6/1/2008 10:56:27 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
    From: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    VCDL's Gun Dealer Legal Defense Fund -- help fight Mayor Bloomberg's
    scheme to cripple Virginia firearms dealers. See:
    VCDL's meeting schedule:

    1. Video of Champps dinner in honor of Senator Richard "Banjo" Saslaw
    now online!

    As you might recall, Fairfax County Senator Saslaw told the Virginia
    Senate that anyone who dared to open carry in a NoVA restaurant that
    is licensed to serve alcoholic beverages would be asked to leave.

    We knew that was baloney and had an AP reporter document a series of
    luncheons and a dinner in NoVA, with VCDL members carrying openly as
    required by law.

    The video of the VCDL "Saslaw" dinner at Champps restaurant in
    northern Virginia is now on the VCDL web site! Thanks to VCDL member
    Matt Gottshalk for producing and editing the video - a professional
    job as usual.

    In the video you'll see the general manager of Champps speaking
    first, followed by me, followed by Delegate Dick Black. Delegate
    Black spoke on behalf of Senator Ken Cuccinelli, who had a prior
    speaking engagement that evening.

    You will also see Board member Bruce Jackson explaining briefly to
    other guests in the restaurant why we were there that night, followed
    by all the VCDL members raising their hands to indicate that they were
    lawfully armed.

    Here is the link:

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    Default Re: Why open carry will become hom hum in PA within a couple of years

    thats awesome. My best friend is serving in the navy and stationed down in virginia, I'll have to let him know about this organization.

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    Default Re: Why open carry will become hom hum in PA within a couple of years

    Hi all,

    I'm Matt and did that video for VCDL. I was born and raised in the great state of PA. VCDL is a great organization and they are PROOF that a small group of dedicated activists can make a big difference in the state legislature.

    Don't let Rendell and the other gun grabbers get away with taking away your 2nd amendment rights in the Keystone state!

    Semper Fi.

    Matt G

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