So I'm walking into the courthouse for work, and I chit chat with one of the sheriff's deputies that's on duty at the entrance. I ask him what the procedure is for checking a firearm with them since I didn't see lockers or anything. He nodded to the desk and said that I declare I have a firearm and just check it in with them right there, and they'll put it in one of the lock boxes in the desk. I looked a little incredulous, which made him laugh. One of the other deputies chimed in with a laugh, "You open carry anyway, so there's not a whole lot to declare."

Now I want to test that out. I've already declared having a folding knife a couple times, and they just set it aside for me until I came back around for it. No fuss, no muss with that; would be nice if it's actually the same with a firearm.

Also, go figure I have to go through the entrance again later and my steel toed boots set off the metal detector. The same deputy snickers and this time wands me down a couple times and "hassles" me to see if I have a concealed weapon I didn't check in. That's ok, I'll whoop his tail next time I see him in the gym with a challenge at who's got the better 3 mile run time. Army and National Guard only has to do 2, so I've got the edge on him there.

And just to be clear, he didn't actually give me a hassle or anything. He knows my sense of humor enough that I would've laughed at getting wanded since the metal detector always goes off for me regardless of what I wear. I'd have to go through in my skivvies before it didn't beep for me.