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    Default Any delco members get their paper signed off from a delco township CLEO?

    Hey guys,

    Getting started in the process and am interested in acquiring a suppressor for my ruger sr22. I emailed my local chief of police and am awaiting his response as to see if he will be willing to sign off. Just seeing is their any members on here that live in Delaware County that got their paperwork signed by their township CLEO or is this a lost cause?

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    Default Re: Any delco members get their paper signed off from a delco township CLEO?

    I'd call the sheriffs office at media court house and ask for the sheriffs secretary. Ask her if they are still signing over there. Your local Cleo is most likely going to tell you to beat it.

    In the past when McGinn was in there I would just drop off my forms and pick them up a few days later. All done thru his secretary. They do want copies of your dl and ccw.

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