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Thread: s&w model 29-5

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    Default s&w model 29-5

    So I've always kinda wanted a model 29 (who hasn't?) And I found a 29-5 at a local gun store with a 8 3/8 inch barrel. After checking to make sure it was in time and locked up properly I decided to shell out the 530 bucks for it. I know this model doesn't have the recessed cylinders and pinned barrel I was mainly lookin for any more information on this gun and maybe anything I should particularly look out for. I ran into a little hang you with it today after shooting about 50 rounds threw it (some were pretty warm) the 240 grain hornady xtp's over 23 grains or w296 shot and extracted very nicely. The 225 grain hornady ftx's over 13 grains of w231 on the other hand were a little harder extract. In the heat of the moment I ain't exactly sure how this happened but when I was trying to extract the rounds from the cylinders the Crane had worked it's way forward and I pulled it all the way out and took the cylinder off and finally got the shells out. I did some examining and noticed the screw that held the Crane in was backed out so I put it all together and tightened the screw and fired a few more shots and seems to work fine now. I was mainly wondering if either of those loads were too hot for that big old wheel gun, if that screw coming loose is a known problem for that gun, and if I should just clean the threads real good and put some sort of thread locker on it. And I wouldn't mind knowing if I paid a little too much for the gun either. Sorry if I rambled on a little but any info/help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I have a 29-4 8-3/8" and yes, screws backing out is common ... until you put some thread lock on them, all of them.

    HP-38 / 231 is a bit fast burning for those long barrels and is better for lighter bullets or shorter barrels. For full magnum effect H110 is great. I've already pushed 240 gn Nosler JHP's at 1600 fps. and the brass was a little tight in the cylinder after firing. Usually I load much lighter, but it's fun to sneak in a cylinder of hot loads for a guy with a high testosterone problem.

    The S&W Forum is a good place for info on these beauties.

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    Default Re: s&w model 29-5

    Don't loc tight the screws. It's just a bad idea. They have a dot of dry loc tight from the factory it's blue. If you put on red you won't get them out. Just use the correct screw driver and make them tight. Last guy who owned it took it apart. Mine never come out. Your yoke screw should be of the new kind with a spring loaded end. Hot loads beat the crane up and flame cut the top strap but don't unscrew things if they are tight to begin with. Sounds like a good price not seeing the gun.


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