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    Default Indoor ranges in the area?

    I am looking for indoor ranges in the area. Any ideas? I am planning a trip to Anthony Arms because I am looking to try out a few guns that I am thinking of purchasing -- but after that, I want to find a place to hone my skills with target shooting. Are there any places?

    I have tried for 2 years to get in to Canonsburg Sportsmans Club but they have not had open membership available (they also do not have an indoor range) I have heard that Arden has a sportsmans club but I have no idea how to get in touch with anyone from there to get information. In fact, most of the private gun clubs that are close to here do not/have not had open membership in quite some time.

    We currently shoot on my mother-in-laws property but I am starting to come to a realization that we may be breaking the law by doing so. She lives in Chartiers Township and while she owns an acre of property and we are shooting towards an empty field, I am not sure of the property laws and discharge laws in the area. Last thing I want is for the police to show up and arrest me, my children and my husband for recreational target practice.

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    Default Re: Indoor ranges in the area?

    A bit of a hike from Washington to east of Pittsburgh but PMSC has one. Not that there is still a $3-5 per use fee even for members. This is far less than any for profit range. All outdoor ranges are included in membership dues.

    Membership info.
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    Default Re: Indoor ranges in the area?

    Public indoor ranges in "greater" Pittsburgh area

    1. Anthony Arms - West Mifflin
    2. A&S Indoor Range - Youngwood, PA
    3. Army & Navy Surplus Store & Indoor Range - Latrobe, PA

    otherwise it's a sportsman's club that you must join or be invited into as a guest

    Hope this helps (you can Google all three of the above for specific info on each)
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