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Question for the sportsmans members here. I am considering joining there. If I were to join now would the membership run Oct 2013 to Oct 2014 or would they say prorate it to the end of the year and then start over. Also is there a sponsership requirement for new members.

I shot there a couple of times when I was younger but don't know anybody that well that is a current member.
good question as I recall this years will state 2013 and next years(issued after first of year) will say 2014(or at least mine always have ) I dont know if anyone would give you a hard time at all...I cant even remember what the "rules" are if there are any on that...I do know that from time to time you will/do get "checked" for a membership though. I believe Troxells down on Lycoming Creek road in Williamsport also sells them(memberships)