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    Default Talk to Rep. Meehan

    I urge everyone who can make the time to attend this to do so. There is absolutely nothing more effective than a constituent who has taken the time and trouble to personally visit a legislator. My part of Chester County was a gift to Meehan in the last election because of redistricting. I certainly want him to know what reliably Republican voters here demand of their employees. I write to him regularly, but there is nothing like telling a man what you expect while shaking his hand and looking him in the eyes.

    From Patrick Meehan:

    Office Hours in Chester County
    Iíll continue holding office hours across the 7th District this week, and I hope you'll join me at my satellite office in Honey Brook to share your thoughts on the issues important to you and your family:

    Thursday, September 5th
    11:00am -- 12:00pm
    500 Suplee Road
    Honey Brook, PA 19344
    Ya can't argue with figures. Two half nuthins is a whole nuthin.

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    Default Re: Talk to Rep. Meehan

    mr meehan
    i am a resident of chester cty forthe past 5 yrs .i have been trying to get my firearms rights restored since 2012 .i had a conviction in arizona in 2007 .disordly conduct /dv. i have since had the conviction vacated and set aside .when i sent my application for my conceled carry permit .i was denied .i appealed and went to a hearing with the atty gen in harrisburg .i was told by the judge and the state police rep that i need to file a pettion with chester cty to have them relive me of the disabilities steming from the conviction in arizona .the state of arizona has relived me of all penalities and dissabilities associated with the conviction .can you please explain why penna has anything to do with this .why is arizona 's decision not good enough .that was where the conviction was .the penna state police told me that i am eligible to get my permit in any other state ..i only had to pay my lawyer in az 250 to have the conviction vacated .lawyers here want 5000.00 to file a pettion .is their anything you can do to help .i am an honorablly discharged army vet .the conviction in az has been the only negative contact with law enforcement in my 55 yrs
    .thank you in advance .
    proud army veteran

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