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    Default 9mm Ammo at Gander Mt.

    Stopped at Gander Mountain at Crown Center Mall in Washington Pa today and they have 350rd cases of brass 9mm 115g FMJ in stock for $119. Still a bit higher than what I have been used to paying in the past, but pretty good for anyone looking for a bunch of target ammo, 9mm has been hard to find.

    When I left the store at 2pm, they had at least 20 cases on the shelf.

    They also had some 50rd boxes of .22LR at about 10 cents per round, and lots of American Eagle .223 at 60 cents per round before tax.
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    Default Re: 9mm Ammo at Gander Mt.

    Thanks for the heads up
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    Default Re: 9mm Ammo at Gander Mt.

    Yep thankfully the ammo shortage/craziness is behind us. That dollar per round was insanity.

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