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    Default Urgent Support Needed for PXV hearing.

    Urgent. Please pass this on. Support is needed for David TenHagen, NRA member, Gunsmith, hunter, U.S.A.F. veteran, and member of Kimberton Fish and Game Association. Please be there, at a hearing in Phoenixville PA on Tuesday night at 7 pm, in the brand new borough building at 351 Bridge St.
    (adjacent to District Court bldg., across from Phoenix Cleaners). He is applying to Phoenixville Borough for a by-appointment-only gun repair service. There will be no firearm sales. He will be operating out of a small area in his basement. There will be no advertising outside. The BATF has been to his home and is ready to award the FFL, but that is contingent upon approval at the hearing on Tuesday night. Many residents in opposition are gathering support via social media. Please come support Dave, and pass the word. Tuesday, Aug 13 at 7 pm prompt. It is the only item of business in the brand new Phoenixville Borough building on 351 Bridge Street, and, from all accounts, it will be heavily attended. Please come early to assure seating. Many thanks for your support! It means alot!

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    Default Re: Urgent Support Needed for PXV hearing.

    Wish I could be there tonight. Phoenixville is crawling with liberals and he's going to need all the support he can get.

    For as "cute" or "quaint" as the downtown area is, every time I drive through I wretch, knowing how many of those little shops are tree-hugger havens. It's nothing like I imagine Phoenixville would have been during the industrial era where it would have been thriving, with the support of hardware and farm supply stores, general stores, etc. Phoenixville needs some real, honest to goodness businesses that offer value and diversity to the trades and labors that we can all benefit from. There are a handful of them scattered around the outskirts, but the downtown area really needs it. I don't need a $300 lamp made out of a beat up trumpet that "exudes the essence of jazz". What I do need is a competing gun shop that carries reloading supplies.

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