It is that time again, time for another rally in Erie.

Last time around, we had limited support, due to Erie trying to enforce an illegal ordinance.

This rally will be held in Waterford, on Aug 10 at 1PM.

After hearing all the issues with Erie, Waterford opened up their town, and their hearts to all of us.

They have expressly said that we are all welcome, as well as our firearms.

Currently, a list of guest speakers is being worked on. And the only confirmed we have as of right now, is Larry Pratt. The executive director of GOA.

Any wanting to join, are more than welcome. We are also still taking donations for the legal defense. Erie is trying to rake all of us over the coals, and the citations just came in the mail this last weekend.

Please help us spread the word.

The link for donations, if anyone can spare, is :

facebook page link for more info also